The classic dinner and a movie date idea is overplayed and tired. Especially since you and your significant other probably already watch a ton of Netflix. (No judgment!)

What if we told you that there are much more unique and fun first dates in Tampa than you ever knew? It’s true. And to prove it to you, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten date ideas for Tampa.

So read on and get romantically inspired.

The Top Ten Date Ideas for Tampa

Running out of date night ideas in Tampa? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Not in a relationship? That’s okay too. Grab your best friend or sibling and hit the town for a night of fun or a day of adventure. There are plenty of fun things to do here for everyone.

Even if you’re not a resident, you can still enjoy our top ten Tampa date night ideas during your next vacation. So much to do, so little time. Why not make a date out of it all? 

#1 Visit the Salvador Dalí Museum 

Photo Credit: Alex Uktamov

Just 30 minutes outside of Tampa, the Salvador Dalí museum is located in St Petersburg. (Okay, so the museum isn’t exactly in Tampa, but it’s close enough, and who doesn’t love a mini road trip?)

Here you’ll find one of the largest collections of the surrealist painter’s work. On Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., the museum only charges adults $10 to enter. 

#2 Take a Local Brewery Tour

Photo Credit:Brandon Setlock

Not that you need an excuse to day drink, but what a better way to do it in the form of an educational tasting.

There are a handful of breweries in the Tampa Bay area, but may we suggest the Cigar City Brewing Co.? On this tour you’ll learn about Tampa’s history, their iconic cigar industry—and you’ll get to sample all the beer they have to offer.

You can always skip the tour and go straight to the beer if you wish.

#3 Hop on a Water Bike

Photo Credit: Valarie Kyser | Google

Get active, get wet, and explore the city in a different way—by water bike.

You can rent a waterbike from the Tampa Bay Waterbike Company in downtown Tampa and adventure as far as your legs will take you. Some restrictions apply to where you can go, i.e., stay out of the shipping channels.


#4 Get Starry Eyed at the Saunders Planetarium

Photo Credit:James Wheeler

You don’t have to wait for nightfall to see stars and galaxies. Take your date to the Saunders Planetarium at the Museum of Science and Industry (MoSI).

They have showings throughout the entire day, and afterward, you can explore the rest of the museum and check out the IMAX theater.

#5 Have a Honeymoon Picnic

Photo Credit: Reema Gandhi

You don’t have to get married, just pack for a picnic.

The Honeymoon State Island Park is known for its peace and quiet, as well as its beautiful setting. It’s also a great spot for snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing. There are nature trails to wander and a variety of native birds to see. 

The park is located in Dunedin, which is 30 minutes outside of Tampa. The entry fee is only $8 per vehicle!

#6 Take a River Walk

Photo Credit: Omar’s Studio

Experience some of Tampa’s best views, restaurants, and more strolling along the Riverwalk in downtown Tampa.

Beginning at the South Plaza, the Riverwalk stretches for miles along the Garrison Channel and the Hillsborough River. Along your walk you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, making this spot perfect for spontaneous Tampa date ideas

There are about five museums along the way, seven parks, and a number of hotels, bars and restaurants, and places to shop.

#7 Dinner and a Movie

Photo Credit: Cine Bistro

We know we said that the whole dinner and a movie thing was overplayed for date night ideas. However, the Cinebistro in Hyde Park Village puts a nice spin on this classic outing.

Here you can order from a full menu of both food and cocktails while watching the latest Hollywood blockbusters. It sure beats trying to sneak in those mini cartons of wine and gummy bears into regular theaters.

#8 Rock Out to Live Music

Photo Credit: Jannus Live

For live music and dancing, take your date to the Jannus Live.

This outdoor venue hosts a large number of mainstream bands, locals bands, and independent artists. They’re even home to a Nirvana tribute band. All you have to do is check out their calendar for upcoming shows and get ready to enjoy the fresh warm air, cocktails, and incredible live music. 

#9 Fall in Love with Ballet

Photo Credit: Tampa Bay Ballet

If your looking for more classy date night ideas in Tampa, then the Tampa Bay Ballet Theatre is the perfect place to start.

This theatre is plentiful with your favorite Disney classics like Peter Pan and the Little Mermaid, as well as other unique productions. You’re guaranteed to fall in love with the Ballet after viewing your first performance here.

#10 Save Room for Dessert!

Photo Credit: Alex Baker

It’s always a good idea to end a date night with dessert. 

The Harry Waugh Dessert Room (at Bern’s Steak House) is one of the most renowned restaurants—and dessert spots. They offer over 50 desserts to choose from and a wine list that includes over 1,000 dessert pairings. They also offer tours of their wine cellar.

If you’re really trying to woo that special someone, you can’t go wrong with some fine wine and chocolate. Whether you splurge on dinner in the main dining room or go straight to the dessert room, you really don’t want to miss out here.

Tampa Bay is for Lovers 

Need more date ideas for Tampa Bay nights? Night or day, check with us daily for events and things to do in one of Florida’s greatest cities. 

And if you’re not already a Tampa Bay area resident, don’t forget to add this great city to your list of weekend getaways!